sabato 22 febbraio 2014

Zuppetta di zucca

At the supermarket I saw a big pumpkin and I decided to change it into a wonderful chariot for the palate.

500gr Pumpkin
100gr Ricotta
1 Garlic clove
Sage leaves
White wine
Evo oil

Put a casserole on the stove with 3 spoon of oil, a big garlic clove, sage leaves and a  sprig of thyme for 4-5 minutes then discard the garlic and the herbs. Toast the almonds in the oven.

Add the pumpkin in pieces when a bit browned, pour a glass of white wine and when reduced,  add 3/4 glasses of water, salt and cook for 1 hour until you'll get a rough cream. 

Serve into a bowl with fresh ricotta and the toasted almonds.

mercoledì 12 febbraio 2014

Risotto alla milanese

Milano is the Italian city to enjoy life, you can get here whatever you want, whenever you want!

I live close to a supermarket open 24 hours...close to a delicious Chinese restaurant...close to an amazing flower shop/bar...close to a trendy shop...close to a Maison de Mode ...close to ...close to...Milan is Milan! Fashion, business, design, galleries, art, gourmet and/or exotic food ...Omnia Omnibus Ubique!

Milan traditional dish is so vintage so gold and definitely delicious: Risotto allo zafferano. It is a very good option for a Sunday lunch or for a dinner in which you'll bewitch your guests!

320gr Carnaroli or Arborio rice (serving 4)
1 onion very finely chopped
Light vegetable broth (celery, carrot and tomato)
Saffron threads (or if you don’t find them, powder could be also good)
White wine
30gr butter
Black pepper

In a pot, prepare the light broth (I prefer the veggies broth since I think that the chicken or meat broth are too intese for the saffron roundedness).

In a large saucepan or pot,  put the oil (a spoon per person plus one for the pot) with the chopped onion over low heat. When the onion is browned, add the rice and stir in to coat over medium heat. Pour in a glass of white wine, when reduced, pour in the broth to cover all the rice and simmer for 15/18 minutes without turning.

Add some broth, if needed and check the cooking. Some minutes (5/8) before the rice is ready, add the saffron threads. Turn the stove off, melt the butter gently.

Serve with parmesan flakes and roughly ground black pepper.

sabato 8 febbraio 2014


Rice is definitely my comfort food. If I am sad, I prepare a delicious bowl of rice and I feel better. It is funny in Italian rice is spelled as smile: riso… !

This grain similar to wheat is the most popular food all over the world! There are tons of variety according to whick kind of dish you wanna prepare and so different ways of cooking it: a creamy risotto, a folky paella, a magic pilav, a sweet pudding rice or a fresh sushi.

Here some suggestions:

Arborio, Carnaroli rice: the best choice for risotto
Basmati rice: side dish, perfect with chicken and fish
Black rice: side dish or risotto, intense smell of fresh baked bread, long cooking time
Brown rice: side dish, ideal for steaming, long cooking time
Indian rice: very long grain, perfumed, ideal for steaming
Japonica rice: very sticky, ideal for sushi
Red rice: side dish with a strong smell of wood, long cooking time
Thai Jasmine rice: side dish, very perfumed and ideal for steaming
Wild rice: side dish, intense perfumed, long cooking time

"Rice is the best, the most nutritive and unquestionably the most widespread staple in the world"   Escoffier